Someone masturbated towards me on the 7 train today...?

A black male masturbated while sitting across from me and staring at my face. I did not look at him, but I managed to take a video of his disturbing actions. How do I turn it into the police? I feel mentally disturbed and it has changed my view on the world. HELP


Baloney. That didn't happen to you. Anyone who knows how to take a video knows how to walk into a police station. You're a racist and a troll. You're trying to perpetuate the idea that Black men are sexual predators with your buIIshit. It's obvious your story and you are buIIshit, though. Fail.


Put the video on YouTube, straight away.




cut it out or cut it


I know this is traumatising- but this is not all that the world has to offer. There's such hatred, i'm aware of that, but you've got to understand that there's an incredible amount of love. (And I'm aware that this is traumatising- I think you need to confide in someone you trust about it.) And as for the police, just walk down to the police station.


One goes to the police, or transit authority. Take a copy of your evidence and they will have you make a statement. Likely this has happened to others too, but to end it someone has to stand up and do the right thing and report it.


If this is true, this is considered indecent exposure, and sexual harassment. If this isn't true, and you report it, you will found guilty of filing a false police report which is also illegal.