What do you think of this explanation for the Grey Aliens?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Z-6sFYZJPs The you tuber states he not saying it true that theses being are real are visiting us since 1947 he says possible but implausible and he point out the holes in Betty and Barney Hill's story and Bob Lazar those two story need to be proven true in order for people to believe. He a skeptic but he does report UFO seightings he concedes some of the unexplained ones could be alien visitors but unlikly.


It is not an explanation. It is merely someone's opinion. And the video starts out with the statement that there are aliens on a planet of Zeta reticula. But the video offers no evidence to back up the claim. I look at it this way. Grey aliens are science fiction. The invention of a science fiction writer. And when they stay in the "science fiction" arena, they are of interest and are of entertainment value. But until we find proof of their existence they must remain a part of science fiction.


Grey Aliens are fantasy, nothing else.


I've heard it before. I'm not impressed.

Elyse Rose

Facts are facts.. and there are no facts.


Total rubbish. Grey Aliens are pure Science Fiction. Never happened in real life.


lazy sack of shits and scammers bs people for money thats all


If you can't be bothered to explain what the Youtube video says, then I can't be bothered watching it.