What is next, will Trump refuse to raise the ceiling on the National debt unless he gets funding for the wall?

We may then have to repeal the Trump tax cut to stay under the ceiling for the national debt.


If I thought that was on option, I would SERIOUSLY consider opposing government funding of the wall.

35th is Best

Trump will probably put the national debt in the quadrillions

acid victim 25

Good idea - - force Congress to stop borrowing money


Lord only knows. Since he had no problem publicly deleting public workers pay increase, nothing would surprise me!


'What next?' Seriously? The PROBLEM lies with the Democrats!!! Our National Budget has NOTHING to do with our National Debt. The Wall funding - is only 1/10 of 1% of our National Budget. The Democrats do NOT want a Wall because then they won't be able to force illegals to register to vote Democratic only. I say NO more FOREIGN AIDE to anyone! President Trump is trying to get rid of all EXCESS B.S. and only focus on what is important for America and Americans. Unfortunately, Democrats do NOT care about America and Americans.


He does not do that himself, congress does that. And yes it is a possibility.

Jake No Chat

That could be an option to consider.


doesnt surprise me