Can 17 year olds eat for free at Ihop?

I just saw an ad on YouTube that said kids eat free at Ihop from like 4-10 or something like that. Im in Michigan and here the age of majority is 18. Does that mean that 17 year olds are considered โ€œkids?โ€ If I pull up to Ihop at 5pm and show my ID can I eat for free?


Well, I don't know 'bout IHOP. But, I was eating at a upscale restaurant. Table cloths, waiters, etc, The I noticed a dog under a table, The man got up & went to the salad bar. Clearly, he wasn't blind or handicapped, so I complained to my waiter. The waiter did nothing. So, I got up & left. No tip, no bill. Nothing. I just walked.


No, it's only for kids aged four to ten, or twelve and it's only good if you purchase an adult entree.


No stupid.


I doubt it, but I'd have to see the ad first. In general kids for free mean kids under 12 yo or even younger.


The "kids eat free" promotion requires the purchase of an adult entree. It is limited to children under 12. If you're old enough to drive, you're old enough to pay for your own food.


You would need to ask the restaurant what thier age limit is to get free food and if it is 10 then you would not be able to get it at 17. Try calling the place that you were planning on going to.

Nuff Sed

Sure, 17 may legally be a "child", to the state, but that doesn't apply to any private company that wants to offer an age-based promotion like that. The fact that someone is not smarter than a fifth grader does not MAKE him a fifth-grader.

Malcolm Mcshannon

get another job


10-years of age and under only.


No you canโ€™t

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Hannah Kang

No, YoU cAn NoT eAt FoR fReE aT IHOP

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

No the limit is 12. As long as your Mom is with you and buys a full price meal.


No just 10 and under


No way


No tf


doubt it


It's "Kids eat free when they're with Mommy and Daddy". Not so cool now is it?


No they can't unless three under 13yrs


is 17 a child to you? seems like a person that age should be proud not to be a child and shouldn't be scamming and mooching.


Call and ask!!!!!!!!


No, because IHOP doesn't exist anymore. They all disappeared and we now have IHOB instead.


The American education system. This be your average kid in life... Ver, very SMRAT!


oh my Iโ€™m dead ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ’€


No it is under 10 or 12.


no if it says 4-10 years old then 17 is too old for that.


yes, you do require an id and counterfeit 100s you can purchase at a few gas stations from the times 2-4 am while asking for "patricia". once youve acquired all necessary, go muck bud, you earned it


They legally can't make you pay if you don't have an ID so free food for the whole family!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey clueless - if it says 4-10 is means 4-10, not 17.