Feedback on Denny's located on Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, Florida?


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yup it is a denny's .......


Duly noted. We here at Denny's strive to make the customers experience a fulfilling one. Kim isn't normally on the wait staff, she's our roving security guard who just happened to be in the wrong place and to compound the problem, had a bout of the irritable bowel thing going on that morning. I'm sure you noticed some odd sounds coming from her general vicinity and quite possibly a foul odor. We would like to apologize and offer up a free pancake slam on us.


I just wanted to leave a quick feedback on the horrible service I received at this Denny's. The server Kim was extremely rude and hollered out to me (what are you drinking) from the opposite end of the diner. She had an awful bite to her tone and I didn't appreciate her attitude and I won't go back there!! I wouldn't recommend this particular location!