Have you ever had a resteraunt server that wasn't afraid to not be nice to you?

If they have an issue with a customer aren't they suppose to tell the manager and let the manager deal with it? They're suppose to tell off the customer themselves are they? Can't they get fired for that?


I have never dealt with a server that was not nice to me, and if I did, then no they are not supposed to tell the customers off and if they have an issue with the customer they should let the manager deal with it.


I don't act like a fool in restaurants, so no. I try not give any servers reason to want to be not nice to me.


Yes and I reported them.




"Roy" who ran the House of Roy restaurant in Boston was well known for being "not nice." He was the only "server" and he owned the place. Customer: "Is this real Chinese food?" Roy: "Yes, real Chinese food." Customer: "What about the water? Is this real Chinese water" Roy: "So sorry. Not Chinese water. Japanese water. Much cheaper. But good enough for YOU!" Roy's closed over 30 years ago and we STILL miss that place!


Yes I have had a server be rude to me and yes they are supposed to go to the manager and yes the can be fired for it. If you want to hear about the rude waitress I had keep reading. It was nearing mid November, my father and I had just got finished at a concert of one of our favorite bands trans Siberian orchestra (they mix classical music with rock), and even though we had eaten before and snacked at the show it was midnight we had about an hour's drive home and we were hungry only place open was I hop so we decided to get some pancakes before we hit the highway. we took a seat and our waitress took our order nothing out of the ordinary until about 30 minutes went by and our pancakes were not out and it wasn't like they were busy I think there was 3 other tables besides us. Finally after mentioning them to our waitress twice she brought them out and they were cold. My dad mentioned this politely and she looked at him and said he didn't have to be a Grinch about it. (Look in comments




I once took a new girlfriend to a restaurant where an ex-girlfriend was working as a waitress,,,, she wasn't to happy to see us,,, does that count. In my defense I had no idea the ex had started working at that restaurant or I would have chosen a different place to dine.


I think you should tip if you have the money. But your'e right, tips are not something you have to do