Is this good for a seafood restaurant?

A seafood restaurant in a small seaport town called Moby Dick. and on the menu Clam Chowder Cup / Bowl Shrimp Cocktail Clam Plate Lobster Roll Shrimp Platter Fish Plate Crab Legs Octopus


It sounds like it might be good, but to me how good the food,service & prices are far more important than what the dishes are named.


Your question is hopelessly naive. Menu item descriptions are meaningless. It says nothing about the quality of the food, the competence of the staff, the decor, ambiance, value for money, or the other dozen factors that would indicate that the establishment is "good for seafood.


It sounds good to me




My mom thinks I'm too immature to go to restaurants with "Dick" in the name. :(


First of all thanks to sharing the menu. It might be difficult to find comfortable place to eat so perhaps you can spend hours and find the nearby good spot . Yes the seafood restaurant is good but only that when our surrounding environment and place is good. Restaurant Guru helps you find the most suitable restaurants near your location with just a few clicks. Quality of food, competence of staff, ambience if you have all than you can say seafood restaurant is good.


Octopus doesn't sound pleasant..


It sounds okay. I'd try the octopus

Filled With God

Possibly not

Peter W

no steak or chicken nuggets? I'll pass.