NYC Strip Club for underage?

So me and some of my friends want to go to a strip club in nyc tonight (Friday). We are all 20 years old so will be using fake ids. Does anyone know of any places that would take fakes easy and still be a fun time? We have good fakes and never get turned down from bars or clubs, but we are unsure of how strip clubs work. I remember going to one strip club and the bouncer looked at our ids and gave us no problem but was too drunk to remember the name, pretty sure it was downtown. (That was also on a Tuesday night). Anyway, we are all older looking 20 year olds just trying to go to a strip club tonight. Anyone with experience have any suggestions of places we can get in?


I don't believe that one should use a fake id as it's just too risky (and wrong, of course). Please also be aware that strip clubs may be especially dangerous, and even human sex trafficking may occur, which is basically forced prostitution.

Tad Dubious

Dude, just work your way down the alleys with a pair of binoculars. You will get all the peeps you want.