What is a food item that is popular in your area/region, that might be considered odd or different in other places.?

In Oklahoma we have numerous places with onion burgers. In other places people never heard of such a thing.

retired old sarge

Oklahoma also serves a lot of deep fried BULLS BALLS with beer and Tabasco


MN- Juicy Lucy Burger - A hamburger w/ cheese inside. Lefse - Norwegian bread served with butter and cinnamon and sugar. Lutefisk - lye-preserved fish served at Christmas. MI - Coney hot dogs - chili dogs w/ chili sauce (doesn't sound unique, but the sauce has beef heart in it). Vernor's ginger soda (NOT ale), my favorite soda (pop).


Kentucky - Bourbon bread pudding - burgoo -Hot Brown.


It USED to be chicken wings...then the rest of the country caught on. I guess Beef on Weck is still Buffalo's best kept secret


In WV we have pepperoni rolls. Most places haven't heard of them.


Canibal Burgers..raw beef,slices of onion,on a good bun.


Lumpia Shanghai

Richard D

Fried or raw, onions? Either way, mighty good eatin. I don't know any unique foods except they eat a lot of Tri-tip roast.


Many. We want a big bird for a party. We have peacock. Waterbullalo rather than beef, Scorpion tails for a snack, Squid & ells, Snake, lizards & newts, goat, quale eggs, Dog at special events, Rats are ate, monkey & croc's. But I have yet to see any one eat a cat here yet. Don't know why.

A Hunch

You're an idiot if you think people don't know what a hamburger with grilled onions are. it's just that people in other places prefer a balance of onion to meat.


In latvia we have a liquid named "Kefirs"