What restaurants in New York have a great ambiance?

I know a lot about restaurants in New York, but I need your help because this weekend, I wanna do it right. Ill be taking Sabrina on a date and I really have to wow this girl, folks. First of, Lighting is important to me. Please no restaurants with bright lights. No touristy place No place with a ton of kids I need a suave place, something with a sumptuous atmosphere and elegant ambiance A place where the aesthetics of the restaurants are attractive. Something Jean-Georges-like or the kind of aesthetics you see in the W hotels. Know what I mean?

Peter W

alright you got a date with Sabrina, do her right and she will do you right.


Frankie & Johnnies theater district A little Barry White after dinner and your in JUST LIKE THAT


Hey if you really want to impress her and wow her and get in her pants later that night there is only one place to take a lady.... Taco bell.


The River Cafe in Brooklyn is one of the finest restuarants in NYC with probably the best view of the city. I've only been there once but it's every bit as good as the reviews.

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City or out of town ? Im a steak house guy . Verona NY TS steak house ... next door Wildflowers Delmiocos Four seasons, Flemmings ,Roy's Pretty sure the Trump properties will treat you well. I cant stand NYC ill go to collins ave first Fontainebleau Michael mina's strip steak . other locals key west Latitudes@ sunset key Exactly the elegance you are talking about .Aviod Ruth Chris Go to Morton's