Why does Chipotle seem to take pride in hiring hostile black employees?



They're hostile to you because you keep calling them "boy" and "níggér"


First you are a racist,second, I think you may be trolling here, third, I think there is a chance that you are doing something or acting in a way that provokes the, and last but not least, even if everything I said previously is false, I think that it's probably just the one that you frequent the most. I have not noticed anything like this at the ones I go to, and I don't go there very often because while their food is tasty and is supposedly healthy, I find it to be pricey for what you get,and it may also be one of those places where you pay more because of the brand, like you do at Starbucks.


Because, you did not buy from them when they were shut down by the health department.


Maybe they aren't hostile to anyone else.


I don’t think they do


I've never had that experience. I have, however, gotten food poisoning twice and a violent cold from eating at different Chipotle locations and haven't been back to one in six years. I suspect that you just live in a trashy area with rude people and happen to be a garbage racist.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Observational bias You're just a retard, who spends all his time eating fast food and seeing racism.

Love Unites

Their employees are nice. It's their food that sucks.


Walmart takes pride in hiring hostile white employees.