How to make a perfect restaurant that everyone will want to go to?

Except vegans. Screw them.

westville sal

That's impossible. No one can please everyone.


Not possible. Everyone has different food preferences. YOU have to do some market research and find out what foods are most-preferred among the majority of the population in your city.


this is not a V&V question you're harassing vegans You're worse than they are


Serve vegan


It is easy to offer too much choice at once, meaning the quality will suffer as your staff will be in such a rush to get such a variety of meals cooked at once. I'd rather have a limited menu but know everything was of excellent quality than a vast menu of food of mediocre quality. As other posters have said, 2-3 meals per course would certainly suffice. Daily specials are always a good idea, so long as there aren't too many.


Make sure the meat is NOT halal i refuse to eat halal meat


Have something on menu for everyone. Older people food(large print menu) I'm older, I should know. Young people food, vegan and everyone else. Not a big menu, but a few things done the right way for everyone. Good waiters and waitresses that don't stare at you or rush you when you walk in. German Beer and that's it.


That is impossible as everyone has different tastes.




People like a restaurant air can move threw a nice breeze to stay cool. So open air. Next is pricing. Good food value for the price. Then location. Cheap eats does it. Open shed, slab floor, picnic tables. Cafeteria stile mostly rice. Near the university. Menue on the chalk board. But a master chef of rice He is. Something different every day. Large helping. Under a dollar U.S. to leave full. Fast service. Students have class. But others stop also for a simple filling cheap meal. Or go high end. But then few can afford to stop.




make it a five star restaurant


by working


Affordable dishes


So make it a very small restaurant so it’s less noisy, one or two tables max Next offer 3 main dishes and make them well Offer 2 starters and puddings Then only allow your own family to go as they will feel inclined as you’re family. Therefore “everyone” will want to go


Home. Sweet home. Screw eating out. You wait so long to order. You pay overpriced food. You don't know what shet they put in your food, You don't know how clean their kitchen is, or whats in your food. You then also have a expectation to Tip waitress but nobody tip the garbage man who collect your bin everyweek.


You can't


Make only seven items each night, but make them RIGHT


good food, nice atmosphere,no overly loud tvs.


mcdolalds did it




Remove yourself from their sight.