How do I save money?

Im currently on a monthly earrning of 600 dollars. I'm a student and I live with my mum so I dont pay rent, I work several things and end up with 500-600 dollars a month. I pay 100 to support my mum, so groceries or medicine that she needs. I have been going hungry tho. I spend about 50 dollars a month taking the subway to college or caps. 200 I get groceries (never eat out) nd I cook. I also pay my portion of electricity bill which usually is only 30-50 dollars. Sometimes I buy stationary and college textbooks are a pain. I have a scholarship but it doesnt cover textbooks so I have been buying used textbooks but they still come around a huge sum. I also pay for my younger brother (200 dollars for clothing every 6 months or so, 5 dollars a day for school) thats basically it. I need to save money, Idk ho2


Why would your brother need five dollars a day for food? If your family is low income are there no meal plan programs at his school he can enroll in? In our area a student can get breakfast and lunch. There is no reason to spend $400 a year on new clothes. You should check out low income support programs. As Bella said, you put away $50 per month, and don’t touch it,


Anytime you get money, right when you do, the very first thing you do is take 10% of it and immediately put it in an envelope or a bank account that you just never touch no matter what and never tell anyone about. It's like it doesn't even exist, like you never had it. You and nobody else are going to miss $10 out of $100. The key to saving money is to set the money aside before you start spending it on anything and then just never touch it. So if later on you've got no money or you're broke, then you do what you'd do if you just ran out of money now--go without until you get more money. It just requires you being disciplined enough to pretend that money doesn't exist and never touch it, only add to it.

Spock (rhp)

seems to me that all of your spending exceeds your income. don't see anywhere to cut spending. you need more income. I assume you already sell your texts after the semester is over. GL