I am waiting to see if my SAP appeal was approve and i saw the following information in my hold items. "Reasons:SAP Conditional Approval and "Your financial aid is on hold pending the review of your successful completion of the conditions outlined in your Satisfactory Academic Progress appeal decision." I was wondering you anyone knows what this means?


Each school has its own SAP policies, so you will need to ask them. However, in general, when a student appeals his SAP status, his aid is restored for one semester while he works to improve his performance under a plan that outlines the school's expectations. Typically, this agreement will spell out the courses he is going to take and the grades he is expected to achieve. Financial aid is awarded for the full year, so when a student appeals in the fall, most schools will put a hold on his spring aid until his fall grades are reviewed to see if he successfully completed all the conditions that were in the agreement. If he did, then the hold will be removed and his spring aid will be restored. If he didn't fulfill the requirements of the agreement, then his aid will be cancelled for the spring and won't be restored until he meets the school's SAP standards. It sounds like this is the situation for you. In some schools, it is the student's responsibility to request a review and inform the financial aid office if their status has been updated, so you might want to follow up to see if there's something you should be doing about the hold.


It means your financial aid is on hold to see whether or not you win the appeal. If you win, you get the money. If you don't win the appeal, you do not get the money. Scholastic probation is pretty cut and dried. Either you met the GPA requirement or you did not. Unless there was a mistake in one of your grades that a professor has already agreed to change (to a higher grade), don't count on winning the appeal.


What were the conditions stated in your appeal decision? Whatever those were, you have to show that you have met them. If they included bringing up your grades, the review will happen after the next semester ends.


You're not getting any more financial aid until you bring your grades up.