What happens if some of the numbers are wrong on the FAFSA?

I live with my parents and have to fill out the financial section for them, but I don't have accurate numbers for everything. What will happen if I submit with some numbers being off or wrong?


The government is now auditing some FAFSA claims. If they audit, they will ask your parents for their actual income tax returns. If those don't match the numbers you put in, you'll be denied aid. Get the forms from your parents and put in the right numbers.


you are going to need one of your parent's electronic signature on the FAFSA anyway, so give them a shout & sit down with one of them. They can also request that their tax data be transferred directly from the IRS into your FAFSA. You cannot do that for them.


You don't have to be precise in your numbers. You CAN update, edit your FAFSA AND studentloans.gov pages. You CAN CALL for help.


i would just get the accurate nunnbers first before you fill it out