Will I still be in debt from college?

I have a pale grant, so my whole college is paid for. I need a vehicle but wont be able to afford one for a while. I want to take out a loan, but I'm scared that for some reason, I'll be in debt from college. Ive been told that dental hygiene students usually have a large debt, but I was wondering if that would apply to me as well. My pale grant covers about $6-7k


Pell Grant- that's federal money for grants to students. The Pell grants don't usually cover everything- are you really sure they're covering all your tuition, books, other expense? Are you living at home? I don't see how you can take out a car loan if you don't have any income, but that would be entirely separate from your financial aid for college.


Pell Grant. A loan for a car is different from a student loan. If you had a Pell Grant that is covering your whole college, why would you need a student loan?

Damon Lyon

As long as you don't borrow more than you will be making annually, you should be alright.


Grants are NOT loans. They do NOT have to be repaid. If you need a loan to get a car. That is entirely different. The federal goverment has nothing to do with car loans.


Depends.... My mom owes $50,000 and hasn't paid a penny because she keeps deferring it