Can you please recommend colleges with private bathrooms? I cannot and will not do communal bathrooms.?


Sam Spayed

If you mean your very own bathroom that you don't have to share with anyone else, you might be out of luck, particularly as a freshman. I don't know of any that have single en suite rooms. Most single rooms you share either a communal hall bath, or at least share a bath with a few other rooms in an apartment. If you mean a bathroom that only one person can use at a time, though, most universities have at least some apartment-type housing even for freshmen, with three or four rooms that share a bathroom. You might not get your first choice of dorm room, though. That said, some students actually prefer traditional dorms and communal baths, since you never have to wait for the bathroom, even at the busiest times. If you have three double rooms (two people per room) sharing one bathroom, that's six people trying to get ready in the morning in one bathroom.


Even with a single dorm room my daughter share a bath with another student. Even when she shared a dorm room, she shared a bath with only five other students. The bathroom had two private smaller rooms that had a shower and toilet. with doors that locked. There isn’t a great big shower room with everyone showering together Not all dorms are the same on a campus. Some will have better accommodations than others. Some schools have suites and you share a bath with only one other students. You will need to research on each university’s web site. If the info you seek isn’t there, call housing and ask if there are any dorm rooms or suites with a single private bath. Sorry but picking your university based on bathrooms is ridiculous. Most universities only require freshman to live on campus ina dorm. Deal with it for one year and then get your own place off campus. Think if it as a life lesson. In the future you will probably have to have a room mate at some point. Live with a boyfriend/girlfriend. A spouse, Take a trip or vacation with friends. My husband travels a lot and on a few occasions had to share a hotel room with another co-worker. Learn to communicate, compromise and share,

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Why not use diapers and enjoy a much wider variety of colleges?

Michael E

There ain't no such critter. Office buildings (where professor's have their offices) have communal restrooms as do lecture halls.