How can increase my chance to enter Lafayette college ? below you will find my achievements and grades.?

I am in grade 11 in STEM school. I got B+ in grade 10. I want to study electrical and computer engineering in Lafayette college, it is my dream college. My grades in grade 10 as follow: Arabic: B+ English: A German: A Biology: B+ Chemistry: B Physics: A Earth science: A Social studies: A Math: B Mechanics: B Capstone: A+ **The grades do not contain A- ,B-, C-, D-, or E-, in other words, the grades are A+,A,B+,B,C+,C,D+,D,E+,E and F My activities: 1. Football: I played for an Egyptian club called El Baladiya under 18 2. Volleyball: I awarded the best volleyball player in the school. 3. Basketball: I and my team won the 1st place in the basketball school competition. 4. Physics club: My mission is to train my colleagues and qualify them to the international physics Olympiad. 5. American culture club: I am responsible for making logos, posters and brochures 6. Volunteer work: I volunteered at Khair Baladna charity 7. Mystery team: I am a social media and marketer for this team. 8. German team: This team is about spreading the culture and information about Germany. 9. Founder of Web DesignX: teach people to design webs 10. Blogger at Deutsch"DEu" Lernen: teach German. 11. Get paid work in a glass factory. 12. Member at rotary international team. 13. Work as a freelancer.


You need to make English fluency a priority in your writing and grammar. You have interesting extracurriculars and good grades, so you need to make sure your standardized test scores are high. If Lafayette is your dream school, then apply early decision/early action (if they offer that) and make sure they know that Lafayette is your #1 choice.