Is Cambridge University worth it?

I'm hoping to do Mechanical Engineering at University, and am potentially thinking about applying to Cambridge. I understand that they only have a course that covers all Engineering bases, and not a specific Mechanical Engineering course. I'm just worried that the level of commitment and work will be too high for me to keep up with, and I of course want to be able to have fun at University without risking my degree. So, is it worth it?

ibu guru

Engineering students don't party much. Engineering at any reputable university is extremely tough.

Sam Spayed

Cambridge engineering is a four-year program. You start specializing in your third year, but you need to continue through a fourth year (and graduate with a MEng) to be licensed as a Chartered Engineer (a BA in Engineering is about as useless as it sounds). The mechanical engineering program at Cambridge is accredited by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.


It is very hard to get into Cambridge they only take the very best and there is an assessment and interview, unlike the other Unis. You might be better to apply elsewhere that does the degree you want.