Is this enough to get me into UCI or UCR?

Update: I have a 3.4 GPA, 32 on ACT, and a 1410 on SAT. I am part of 3 club cabinets in school and serve as ASB Secretary. I am very interested in politics and have served as an intern for a Congress Campaign and in the office of a congresswoman. I attended boys state and am a 2nd degree black belt.


If you are applying for an Undergraduate Admission that deadline passed, so I figure you are looking at next year. In that case UCR - Probably UCI - Depends on your Major However, the standard answer to this is that you won t know unless you try. So just keep up with what you are doing.

A Hunch

It's going to depend on what major you are applying for. I would apply to a few Cal States too.

Prof. Cochise

Hi Ritvik - Yes, you are a very good candidate IF you are a California resident. UCI and UCR admit some non-residents into undergraduate programs, but not very many. California Resident - Yes, to the general population of both schools. The secondary process of Admissions is being admitted to your proposed major. I still think you are a good candidate for almost any program. Because of your interest in politics, you may wish to consider a major in economics. Good luck