Were you living with your parents during med school?

I'm 22 yo and still live with my parents. I will start med school this fall and still plan on living with my parents to save money. By the time I will graduate from med school I'll be like 26. Do you think it's weird to be a 20 yo something med student still living with their parents? I'm currently an orgo chem tutor, but don't make as much to pay for my own apt. All my friends are living with roommates, but their majors are totally different. Perhaps I'm somewhat embarrassed about still being at home. Since some of my family members will ask me "You're in your 20's already, why are you still living with your parents?" and "I moved out at 18 yo and became independent".


Yes, my closest friend did live with her adoptive mother during medical school. She was legally emancipated when she was 14 years old.

Sam Spayed

It's fine as long as your parents are aware that you will need much -more- time to study with no interruptions once medical school starts. If they still expect you to participate in family activities, and do chores beyond the bare minimum of picking up after yourself, then you might consider living -by yourself- in a graduate dorm room if available, or a small efficiency or studio apartment. Also you need to live very close to the medical school; if there is a substantial commute from your parents' house to the medical school, consider a dorm or studio close by. Student loans cover housing, so it won't be an issue about paying for it on a tutor's salary (you'll have to give that up once med school starts anyway). Otherwise, don't worry what people say. They weren't going to medical school when they were on their own. Your parents don't mind, and it's nobody else's business.

ibu guru

Be glad you are not going to be a "Bounceback Kid" who graduates & has to return home to mom & dad for lack of a job. Pursue your goals, and stop obsessing over idiocies. Focus on what is relevant & important - med school.


It's WAY BETTER than incurring extra debt just to live on your own. You are VERY lucky to have a support system to help you through med school. You will not have to worry about: paying rent/mortgage, paying for utilities, fixing appliances that are broken, buying groceries, household maintenance, yard work, buying furniture, cleaning, paying for Internet and/or cable, or -- if you are very nice to your mom -- doing laundry. Anyone who insults you for making this choice is envious -- and they are not your friend. Go for it. It makes sense. The path you have ahead of you is very difficult and time-consuming. You will need all the support you can get.


No. You are very smart and wise. [As long as you have a quiet time and space for uninterrupted study.] Good luck.


It’s fine, don’t worry about it. It’s normal human behaviour to live with parents while still in training and before earing precisely because it’s more economical. It’s the most sensible thing to do. Don’t worry about what you think other people might think - a) they probably don’t, and b) in any event it’s waste of time.