What’s something you wish you knew earlier?


Felony Jayne

Let's see... I wish I knew that people's opinions of you really shouldn't bother that much, people who are mean are usually people who have crappy lives and lash out - it's not about you. I wish I knew that being lazy & skipping brushing your teeth at night sometimes will cost you more than you can afford to fix. I wish I knew that you have to put some of your paycheck into a savings account - even if it's only $20; there WILL be a time when you'll need it for an emergency medical bill or to keep you afloat between jobs. I wish I knew that anything bad you say about someone will usually come back to bite you in the a**. I wish I knew that you start feeling old and tired way before you start looking old and tired. Enjoy your energy while it lasts. I wish I knew that good friends are harder to find after university, so hang on to the ones who are worth keeping.


About school? I wish I had known that everything is easier when you go to class. I didn't know that at first, but learned the hard way that if I attended class, paid attention to the lectures, and took notes, I didn't have to study as hard for the tests


I wish I knew how the real world worked earlier


That you are going to grow up one day even if you don't want to. If you meant about school, about Ph.D. qualification exams and how grueling they are.


Making mistakes is part of life. I plunge in, head first. So... nothing. 😊


Wear commons when you have sex with hookers