How to stop feeling like this?

My first day at my new school is on Monday, and all up until today (Friday) I feel scared, I am depressed being homeschooled, and I know I'll be doing better at public school, it's just I became used to being depressed that I'm scared of what might happen, I don't know how to accept it. All I really know is depression. I'm scared to change.


You’ll be okay, you’ll do great. If anything I think you’re afraid of being ‘socialized’. Being in a public school for the first time will be exciting. If you make it look bad, chances are it will turn out bad, if you walk in with a good and open understanding attitude, chances are it will go better than expected. Now about your depression, best part is that you’ll meet sooo many more people who struggle just as much. You are not alone. Just trust the RIGHT people. I know you’ll do great. Don’t be scared, you’re brave. Good luck!

Big Mike



It sounds like you could use some change. Life is about change. So give yourself a chance at embracing it and moving forward.


Keep busy and get exercise.


Being home schooled is a form of child abuse get a lawyer and sue your “parents”


Why are so many people on Yahoo Answers so depressed? Cheer up and be positive! 😁