Ima a very artsy person, I feel like public school is making me leave creativity at home . Should I go into homeschool ?



If you can complete the work and graduate, go for it.


I suggest taking responsibility for your own creativity. Academic topics are necessary to learn so public school will probably work fine for that and you pursue creative projects on your own. Home school is fine if there is/are people qualified and willing to function as a teacher/facilitator. The isolation, however, may not be desirable.


Listen, as a creative person myself, I was in high school and creative at the same time. Sure, I didn't have the best of grades, but oh well. I still have my creativity. No, I'm not saying that you should flunk all your classes, I'm just simply saying that you should put an equal amount of effort into your school work and creativity. Being home schooled won't make any difference in how you are creatively. You'll still have to do your work and that'll take some brain power.


Have your parents said they're interested in home schooling you?? Being artsy doesn't pay the bills, or get you a job or help you do everyday stuff. Reading, writing & arithmetic do.


Not unless your home teacher is artsy too.

Stylem: Yes. So-called public schools [translation

Yes. So-called public schools [translation: State schools] are just brainwashing factories to turn out obedient docile sheeple who accept the State ordering them around. Your creative development is the last thing on their agenda. If you were bored stiff, but just sitting there not causing them any trouble, they would consider that a successful outcome. Leave, and learn to fulfill your dreams.


what creativity are you talking about?


You dont get to choose, it's your parents choice.


For people saying “ I can do creative things at home and do school” - y’all , I’m not sitting in some class with things we are going to forget in life . Creativity CAN GO AWAY, everyone is different . I actually do want to learn more , school for me is just stupid and boring. To many mean kids and teachers .