Is the rise and prominence of AOC in today's world clear proof that liberals are insane?



Yes. Idolizing someone that embarrasses all liberals daily is insane.


You are so right


What does the Australian Olympic Committee have to do with liberals ?


Is the rise and prominence of Trump in today's world clear proof that conservatives are racists?


No, and I don't see how you can make that case. For one thing, Ocasio-Cortez is much more prominent on the right than on the left. Liberals talk about her a little bit, but not too much. The talk about her is almost all from Republicans who want to use her as a boogeyman. Secondly, there's no case to be made that her election is "insane". Yes, she's young and relatively inexperienced. But she's one of 435 Congresspeople. She can afford to be inexperienced. The House in particular has often had people with limited political experience in it because it's supposed to be the people's chamber and is usually thought of as the lowest rung in the federal government, where people often go to start out. The big problem for Republicans is that the main knock against Ocasio-Cortez is that she's inexperienced. But they don't have any grounds to criticize her on this since she's at least as experienced as Donald Trump was when he ran for president. If liberals are "insane" for voting for her for Congress then Republicans must be absolutely looney for voting for Trump for President, a singular position wherein experience matters a lot more.

Jeff S

Nope Trump proves otherwise! Trump is the leader of family values personal responsibility party who is a proven pathological liar!



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I think they saw that sexy dance video and thought, "THAT'S what America needs!"


only in your mind


No, but it's pretty clear proof that if conservatives don't have someone to hate, they have almost nothing to say.