My husband earn $5000/mnth, Im a homeschool mom of 3 (one w autism) i do all cleaning and he gives me just $40 a month. What should I do?.?



Thats unacceptable. I suggest you leave him and make him pay child support and spouse support. Dont ever get married to a guy if you dont have full access to his bank account especially if youre a stay-at-home mom


Wtf? Why dont you have access to the bank account? Its time to divorce him


Buy $40 worth of groceries. Feed it to the kids. When he wonders why there's no food for him, tell him.


What $40 allows you to do. Nothing. As far as taking care of a home and family.

Good Man

Ask him to arrange some other woman for his job , maid / baby seater for his children and tell him u r trying to search some other job , independently for u . Do it all politely and do not worry of his wrath . He will definitely consider to raise ur salary at last . Be patient in all process pl


Tell us another story because this one stinks.