Should I homeschool Junior year?

I've gone to public schools my entire life and have made straight A's, but this year (sophmore year) I've missed weeks of school because of major depression and anxiety caused by school. I've always had my heart set on going to a tough university, so I don't want to ruin my chances if this switch will effect that a lot. I've been doing much better since I've been out of school, so I'm just wondering what you would do in my situation because thee are a lot of factors to consider like social life. I do take medication and go to counseling for my anxiety and depression.


What do your therapist and parents say? Theirs are the opinions that matter,not random strangers on the internet. Keep this in mind: homeschooling is NOT a cure for mental illness. Anxiety and depression will likely return when you return to another stressful situation, such as work or university. You’re seeking treatment so that’s good. It can give you room to work on your mental health, but it’s not a fix. Homeschooling does not look bad to universities. It will tend to place more emphasis on your SAT or ACT scores. That could be bad or good depending upon your test taking skill and grades.


I don't like the idea of homeschooling. You don't get that much from any school , it is what you do on your own and then experience is the best teacher . Also something school IS good for is the introduction to other people in this world and you begin to learn the finer points of dealing with diferent people and personalitys because you have no choice and that education is going to take you much further than any history dates or conjugation of words ever could. All I saw when i first answered was simply your title question, but im staying with go to public school. You need to get used to people and all the bs that goes along with it . Its called life man . You just gotta in there and be active and be yourself , avoidance of things will never get you over them or teach you how to problem solve or carry on ...and that is what you need to learn the most to CARRY ON. the words are not enough , you need the experience and time and other people to show you how to CARRY ON.


Are you getting some treatment for your anxiety and depression? Because if you don't, it could become an issue again in college or when you are working or raising your children. There are many stressful situations in life and at some point you have to learn to cope with them.


Go to school. The people who hide from the world never live in it successfully.


Do what is best for you. Homeschooling does not look bad to most colleges, while failing classes or a sudden grade drop due to mental health problems could look a lot worse.