What year did this 'Industrial Revolution' which is causing all this Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming start?

Just close is good enough.


I'd say it actually started about 1765 to 1776. It was in those years that James Watt realised he could improve the efficiency of a Newcomen steam engine with a condenser, and had added a centrifugal governor which allowed an operator to control its speed. The engine he built, with finances from Boulton, could be attached to Murdoch's sun and planet gearing to turn linear into circular motion. I think that is when the tech to drive the industrial revolution finally appeared in earnest, sort of like how we'd say the modern computer age began in 1947 with the invention of the transistor.


Jesus, are you questioning the industrial revolution now?


HAHAHAHA. You keep going on about Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming in an attempt to ridicule AGW. Now you have claimed that a single death as a result of AGW would make AGW catastrophic and the butterfly effect shows that it is safe to assume that due to current global warming a weather event would have killed at least one person. Continuing the use of the word catastrophic only shows yet again that you are incapable of taking things to a logical conclusion. Now you are questioning the date the Industrial Revolution started, presumably thinking that you have found the proof you need to discredit people who advocate taking action on AGW. And if you are wondering why I am laughing, it is because you and your ilk won't even understand the flaws in your own "reasoning".


About 1850. Don't they teach basic history at your school? But "anthropogenic global warming" started WAY before that. Did you know that central/western Europe, Iceland, and the Middle East used to be covered in trees, much like North America and Scandinavia? All that wood didn't go into the construction of houses. A lot of it was burned for heat/light/cooking.




mid 1700's

Big Mike



No actual "day" that it started. The invention of the wheel cud be credited. Or fire (which got us off the requirement for solar energy to warm us). The government "need" to blame CO2 stems from their goal of controlling everyone. It is a convenient scapegoat. Control of that one compound will yield total mastery of everyone and everything, sence it is the basis of all life (except in sci fi movies).


The dates I was given for the Industrial revolution were 1750 - 1830. However, as there was not a single event the dates are approximate. In the UK, we had a Silk Mill built between 1717 and 1721 but this was based on what the owner found in Italy earlier. This was water powered. We have had steam engines being used since 1698 to pump water out of mines. The first US factory was said to have been built by someone called Slater in 1790. He used to work in a UK mill and took trade secrets to America just after the War of Independence. We know him as Slater the Traitor!

Bubba Gubbins

It started millions of years ago, when humanoids first picked up a rock and used it as a tool.