Why are liberals mad that Trump fed football players McDonalds and Wendy’s?

Is it because it wasn’t liberal vegan crap


We're not mad. We just think it's further evidence that the man has no class.


Cheap, gross, and greasy, just like Bonespurs in Chief.

Indigo Shojo

It because Trump is well-off enough to have given those players something with more class.


Liberals and Independents alike are angry that Dotard used a bunch of college students and faculty to make a cheap political attack.


Honestly I never heard of this until you brought it up right now.......Yoy watch too much partisan “News” this is not a point of discussion among liberals


They're not The fast food just showed what trash he is


because he's mocking them for being poor college students...meanwhile their coaches and administrators are getting paid millions and are eating more expensive foods.

Tad Dubious

They aren't mad. That's fake news. Women, however, may be a bit tiffed with the bully Donald when, in explaining to the Clemson team why he made his food choice, he said, basically, "What was I going to do, have the First Lady go into the kitchen and make some little salads?!" That is sexist, dude.


It like trump degrades the WH, everything trump touches is debased


Your ignorance is too astonishing to warrant an answer.


No anger involved. just amusement. Trump thought he was doing them a favor, giving them what they like. Pretty amusing. The man has no clue.


He had teh days to prepare for it. How did the shut down have anything to do with it, you morons? All his staff are working.


Fake question.

Jerry S

we are not mad. Trump could have served better food.


Wendy's is vegan actually


Just stirring up the pot. A lot of people think Trump should have gotten steaks or something like that. When I worked offshore and was getting food for divers in the decompression chamber I said I'd go to Ruth's Chris but they wanted McDonalds. Go figure. Keep hitting me dumbasses. It's a fact.

No Summertime

Libtards will continue to trash our president no matter what he does. They are low class scumbags that need to be shut down.


They are showing how little they actually know about the food industry and what types can come up with that amount of food, on short notice.


lol. Liberals would find something to whine about if Trump fed the team steak and lobster. Whining is just what they are good at. If Obama had done it, you wouldn't hear a peep out of the liberals.


They think he should have fed them cavier