Why is homeshcool so much better than regstlarschool?

i have friend in regular school but all most homeschool friends are much smater why is that?


I’m so tempted to do an eye roll at your semi-literate, incomprehensible question, instead I’m going to assume you’re a 10 year old on mom’s Yahoo! Account. Homeschooling isn’t so much better for every student or child. It’s better if some families. Smarter? Sweety, there are no studies comparing homeschooled and schooled kid’s IQ. That is what smarter means. Are they so much more academic? Some are. The several dozen homeschooled students I know range from a guy with a criminal record flipping burgers to a medical doctor. The others are somewhere in between. They work ordinary jobs and raise families. Some are in their 20s figuring out their slacker lives like a lot of young adults who attended schools. They aren’t much different than the people I know who attended “regular schools”. If you’re homeschooled, that’s great. Check your ego and work on your writing skills.


It’s not


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King Les The Lofty

● "Why is homeshcool so much better than regstlarschool?" "homeshcool" ? "regstkarschool" ? Possibly you MEANT to type" ◊ "Why is home-schooling so much better than regular schooling?" You can wait for my answer to that modified question. ● "i have friend in regular school but all most homeschool friends are much smater why is that?" "i" ? "all most homeschool" ? "smater" ? Except for "all most" (which is a grammatical error, using real words, but the WRONG words), Y!A red-lined every one of the 5 non-words I quoted. Possibly you MEANT to type ◊ "I have a friend in a regular school, but almost all my home-school friends are much smarter than him. Why is that?" To which the sad answer is: 🤯 Your one friend at a regular state school is "thicker" than your other friends. Back in about 1974 or '75 I had to attempt to cope with a 7 year old who, on a GOOD day, had an IQ of 50 to 60. At that age, he knew only 2 letters - h & n. He DID print them with loving care. And he DID "read" his stories to me (obviously I could make no sense of his printed combinations of those 2 letters) - but I didn't dare ask him to read it again, as I doubt the other children in the class wouldn't have detected that the 2nd version was very different to the 1st one. But the other 29 children in that classroom were aged from 7 through 9 or 10, and were officially at 3 different class-levels - but for most subjects I had to operate 4 ability groups. So I didn't have the time available to really TRY to teach him as a fifth ability "group". I was glad when his father "got the sack" and had to leave that small farming district! NO WAY are any of your posts in Y!A evidence of a decent level of education, [Ralph]. For https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20181230163117AAMiY4e you typed: ◊ "i think alternative fuel vehicles didnt obama found thises? i dont know im only <13" which is basically gibberish - yeeks! There isn't even ONE capital letter. ☠️ So my answer to your first question above ("Why is", etc) is that you provide no BELIEVABLE EVIDENCE that home-schooling is superior to classroom schooling - whereas YOUR writing is very inferior for a 9-to-10 year old. In other words, your own example make you belief untrue. Home-schooling CAN be beneficial when (1) the home-schooling tutor was a superior teacher before going "private" and (2) the classroom teacher is unable to cope with the pupils in the room and so would probably have his/her registration as a teacher cancelled were it not that the government HAS to place a teacher in front of each & every classroom in the country. Although they are entertainment films, not documentaries, you might gain some insight from watching, and comparing, the teachers & the pupils in "To Sir with Love" and "Blackboard Jungle". But MOSTLY you need to CONCENTRATE, and WORK to ensure that what you write is accurate, comprehensible, and actually IS what you meant to write. For an intelligent, keen-to-learn child, homeschooling has the advantage that a session can continue as long as the child wishes to independently pursue his/her research into that topic. For a dead lazy child, homeschooling has the advantage (which in later life turns out to be a serious DISadvantage) that "Mum" can usually be diverted from the task of coaching & educating her child. King Les The Lofty - first pup in 1950; GSD breeder & trainer as of 1968


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