Would gun control have prevented 9/11 and why aren’t Democrats talking about this?



No the hijackers used knives to scare the passengers

Huh?: No

No: the hijackers didn't use guns.


Gun control would not have prevented 9/11. Guns were not allowed on the airplanes so to that extent, there was gun control and the hijackers got on their planes and used boxcutters to subdue the flight staffs and take control of the planes.


Homicides have gone higher and lower than before the gun ban in Australia. A killer is gonna kill.


No, Neither would outlawing abortions, mr false equivalency.


nope just like how it hasn't lessened murders in Australia

Bubba Ray

It might have been prevented if Bush had read the intelligence reports as Condi testified.


Well, we can rule out a "gun free zone" since all the officers were armed. Guess the bad guy's guns are just as deadly as the good guys. But if the bad guys didn't have guns they wouldn't be dead now and 5 police officers shot


No, it wouldn't have. Nothing would have prevented 9/11 since it was a government orchestrated inside job.