Any ideas on a research paper topic?

I need to writer a research paper for my course and it can be on anything as long as it can refer back to literature in some way. I have to do this all semester long so I’m looking to do it on something I enjoy so I was thinking video games. I just can’t think of a research question to base this on. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


In both high school and college, The NUMBER ONE reason students have trouble writing papers, presentations, and speeches, is because they try to write off the top of their heads -- without first LEARNING anything about the topic. For each topic you consider, find 3-5 academically-acceptable resources (the librarian is your friend), and do AT LEAST 2-3 hours of preliminary study, taking notes as you go. If you can't find enough in this preliminary research to write a rough outline,, change to a different topic. You are very lucky that you have the opportunity to do this BEFORE you decide on a topic. I have had many students in my office who hit a brick wall because they chose a topic and THEN found out that research material pertaining to that topic was not readily available. I suspect this is what you would encounter if you try to write a research paper on video games... so, Do the preliminary research BEFORE you settle on a topic. Using the preliminary research, write a (very rough) outline. You will then do ADDITIONAL research to flesh out the paper. . Her is one proven suggestion: Read the short story (and it is VERY short) "On Being Crazy", by W. E. B Dubois. It is presented as a fictional account of racism, encountered by a traveler/citizen in the early 1900s America. If you do the research, you will find proof that the story is actually biographical. That is, you can prove that many of the incidents presented in the story ACTUALLY HAPPENED to the author. Trust me, if you do this and do a good job, your teacher will be impressed, because most teachers believe the story is based on observations, rather than personal experiences. The entire short story is less than 2 pages, but I assure you there is enough research material available for a paper. (I wrote one when I was in college, and because the teacher was so surprised/impressed, I was issued a FORMAL INVITATION to change my major and move, as a student, to the English department!) See "Source", below, for a website that discusses ideas for your paper.