Can you please help me with my math homework?

John, Kevin and Steve have a total of 112 books. Kevin has 9 times more books than john. Steve has 4 times more books than john. How many books does Kevin have?

Donnie Porko

J + k + s = 112 K = 9j S = 4j Just sub. 9j + 4j + j = 112 14j = 112 J = 8 K = 9j = 9(8) = 72


yayayayayyayayaya drergerger


J is Johns amount 9J would be Kevin’s 4J is Steve J plus 9J plus 4J equals 112. solve for J and then you can get K.

Mr. Smartypants

Let's call the number of books John has x. John has x books. Keven has 9x books. Steve has 4x. So add them up. x + 9x + 4x = 112. 14x = 112. 112/14 = x. 112/14 = 8. So Kevin has 8 books.




I Suck at math too it's ok but i am getting better. i got algebra ess in high school