Did the Mayans build pyramids in Northern Finland?



So are you the same guy who asks all those questions about why we don't have the death penalty for people with certain opinions, and about whether the 21st century started in 2000? This new line of questions has the same obsessive quality.


Yes. The modern tradition of building 'snowmen' derives from folk memory of the ancient Mayan statues to their Gods. Which they built out of ice. In Northern Finland.

Weasel McWeasel

The real question is........did Finnish vikings build pyramids in South America?


no, of course not. they built them in North America - mainly in Mexico and to some extent in Guatemala as well.

John P

???!!!. Either a troll, or you have simply no idea about the world at all. Your education system has let you down big time.


sure. Why not. Globalization has been around much longer than we think.


Ignore the others. My wife's grandparents (father's side) were both born in Finland. And we have visited extended family in Finland ... IN THE SUMMER. lol. BEAUTIFUL countryside. And, YES, there ARE a number of pyramids in Finland. And although there is NOT proof of them being Mayan in origin, many of their features bear strong resemblance to Mayan structures. Wife and I have visited several on our trips to Finland.

Larry C

Obviously not.

Philip H

Unlikely. Butt that does not mean the ancestors of the Mayans didn't come from the same group of early mankind.They have learned from similar belief systems. It is likely Eskimos walked over the North Pole region and migrated to many locations.


hardly ........................................................................


no, of course not