Industrial Engineering Take home exam question. For one of my classes we have a take home exam that is worth a good chunk of the final grad.?

The boss has asked you to create the most efficient scenario in terms of time and inventory. Incoming material is brought in through SMIF pods with printed wafers that have circuits on them. Each wafer has 6 chips of the same size on it (professor said it’s never this low but it’s used for just an example) and each SMIF pod comes with 25 wafers in them. When these chips get cut they need to go in a specific order on holding containers until they can be sorted later in the line.Each container can hold 48 different chips but they are broken down into two 24 section halves that only allow the two certain chips to be on them.There is a maximum of 4 containers for each combination. The combinations are as follows: POD comb. #1 15 nm B, 15 nm C POD comb. #2 15 nm F, 15 nm A POD comb. #3 15 nm D, 15 nm E The tool that cuts these pods has 4 locations where a pod can be placed.Three of which are hard coded to only accept POD combinations 1, 2, 3 respectively and 4th is open to be used as a single sized variation (for example a pod that only has 25 wafers of only 15 nm B integrated chips) summarize: -Incoming material is in either specific chip combinations as the chart above shows or as a single sized variation. -Pods come with 25 wafers in them. Each wafer holds 6 chips of a given variant (for example pod 1 would have 12/13 wafers of B/C) -3 out of the 4 locations that cut the chips from the wafers only accept one of the 3 pod combinations leaving the 4th open to suggestions.

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