Which civilization was the best? The Aztec, Incan, or Mayan?

I am having to write a essay about which civilization was best. I need help deciding and facts that help support my choice.


What kind of moronic teacher would force you to declare any civilization as "the best"? It's OK to compare cultures for learning purposes but to make it into a competition is ridiculous in my opinion. Learn about each civilization, compare them, but I would refuse to pick a "best" (in fact I would make an official complaint about this assignment).

Donnie Porko

Mayans. The Mayan calendar said the world will end in 2012 and how many people bought it. They invented the chocolate drink. They had hallucinogenic drugs.


Not much to choose. All three 'civilisations' were composed of headhunters, with no knowledge of the wheel. Nor had they advanced from the stone age to the bronze age. The entire history of the Mayans took place AFTER the founding of Divinity College Oxford. You are basically talking about people whose major skill was that they had discovered how to make fire.


In both high school and college, The NUMBER ONE reason students have trouble writing papers, presentations, and speeches, is because they try to write off the top of their heads -- without first LEARNING anything about the topic. Find 3-5 academically-acceptable resources (the librarian is your friend), and do AT LEAST 2-3 hours of study, taking notes as you go. Then, try again. Whenever possible, do this BEFORE you decide on a topic. I have had many students in my office who hit a brick wall because they chose a topic and THEN found out that research material pertaining to that topic was not readily available.


If it's your essay, shouldn't you be the one determining this?