How can I become a better speller? I’ve tried phonogram flash cards and spelling lists but I still can’t spell well?

I’m a very good student final semester of my BS in bio 3.65 cumulative GPA and got full scholarships yet no one will ever take me seriously cause I am a crazy bad speller. Spell check often can’t help me cause it can’t even guess what I am trying to write. Even just now I tried to spell that “Wright”


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Write down the words you hear then check. Work on lists of 100 words at a time and keep doing the exercise repeatedly


You could have a learning disability. Both my son and I do, and we can not spell well. It is difficult for us to hear the sounds. So phonics doesn’t work. Sounding out the word doesn’t help. Learning root words, prefixes and suffixes helps. Leaning small tricks helps. Significant = sign if I cant. It is hard to look up words in a dictionary when you can not spell them. Siri helps a great deal. Just asking for the word to be spelled for me. Every time I have to find how a word is spelled, I write it down, sooner or later you remember how to spell that word. Both of us are avid readers and have been our whole lives. We both have trouble pronouncing words we haven’t seen or heard before.

Guru Hank

Study the older root languages which formed English, and the origins of the words. This will reveal the source of the spelling.


People learn to spell by reading. English words are not spelled the way they sound. So only by seeing the words repeatedly can you remember how they are spelled. You get a mental image of the word.


Break the word up in your head into parts. Like say maintenance: main ten ance.


Practice makes perfection