Is it possible to take my GED after my 2nd year of highschool homestudies, i know almost all the stuff for the test, when im 16, im in fl?

I was doing flvs full time but dropped out of the courses because the teachers never payed attnetion and just had to much work each week in each subject, so due to all my stress and depression i continue flex instead and only did classes that are on the GED because im not taking state required test. Is it possible i can now do my GED at 16 after 2 yrs of highschool studies or is their more requirements.

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You are allowed to drop out of school and take your GED test at 16. It’s better to try and finish school of course and take your SAT’s especially if wanting to attend a high end university but it isn’t required. You can just go to community college and score so well that a lesser university will take you.