Thanks in advance?

How can I impressive the college ? How can I impress the college ?


Use verbs in your sentences.


Use spellcheck and maybe grammar check before you turn anything in.


A positive start would be to learn proper English. Reading will help with this. The more you read, the better your command of the English language will become. Try reading the Bible daily.


It helps if you're literate.


Learn proper word use. "How can I IMPRESS the college."


Are you in high school? If so, then you should be focusing on your academics. Make sure you get straight A's in high school each year. Score well on the SAT/ACT. Take some AP classes in your high school and do well in those classes. Find some extracurricular activities to do after school. Colleges look for excellent grades, high test scores and your leadership skills. Also, find someone who can write you letter of recommendation when you're applying to colleges.


Show initiative in the field you are interested in. I’m a bio major and wanna curate natural history exhibits in the future so I volunteered as a tour guide and educator at my local nature center/park for years before.