What killed the dinosaurs?


Bob: This



I killed the dinosaurs!


the boom that got lowered at chixckselub 65,000,000 years ago,,a billion chompers were at their daily routines of tearing beast limb from limb,chomping veggies,crunching beasty shells,when the sky lit up brighter than the sun by thousands of times,air got to 1200 degrees in a few seconds,winds of a thousand MPH hit 30 minutes later,making hide crispy like fried chicken, go look up more on you tube where you can hear it straight form the dinosaurs mouth


Climate change

Dances with Weed

White people...hell we're blamed for everything else


Climate change


Oh yeah, sorry about that. That was me.


Whatever killed them


When the dinosaurs had fulfilled their purpose, God ended their life. But the Bible is silent on how he did that or when. We can be sure that dinosaurs were created by Jehovah for a purpose, even if we do not fully understand that purpose at this time. They were no mistake, no product of evolution. That they suddenly appear in the fossil record unconnected to any fossil ancestors, and also disappear without leaving connecting fossil links, is evidence against the view that such animals gradually evolved over millions of years of time. Thus, the fossil record does not support the evolution theory. Instead, it harmonizes with the Bible’s view of creative acts of God.