Do I deserve to be punished for this?

I went in front of my friend on line to get my phone. The guy behind me told the secretary that I was skipping and she said "Whoever skips next time will get sent to the back of the line." All I said was that s disrespectful as a joke and smiled. The guy behind me told the secretary that I was laughing and she said that I m not taking this seriously. The next day I got in trouble for "being rude to the secretary." Maybe I should get punished for skipping but not for "disrespecting the secretary." [CLOSED] Do I deserved to be punished for this?


Learn when to keep your yap shut, cupcake.


Why were you skipping and disrespecting the people in line? Do you think you are important? You were rude and should be punished most severely. In many countries you would be beaten and beaten till unconscious.


Yes, you were rude... TWICE. Yes, you were disrespectful. The appropriate response would have been, "I'm sorry. I won't do it again."


You were disrespectful - own it.

Lone Cat

Did someone lie to you and tell you that life is fair?.


No one deserve to be punish and it's totally not anyone's fault.