Does anybody hate Barney the dinosaur ?

My kids are watching it everyday there's at least 4 or 5 episodes on the DVR. It was my wife's favorite when she was little too. I never liked it Barney actually use to scare me when I was younger I was already too old for it when it came on I was about 15 or 16. Now that my kids are watching it I get the songs stuck in my head I sing them all the time they're so freaking annoying seriously how can these kids parents not worry where they are after school knowing they're off playing with dinosaurs. We were at my brother in laws house the other day I started singing or tried not to some of the songs from the show. He must have watched it too because he knew what I was singing it was really embarrassing. My daughter is watching it right now it drives me insane especially getting all the dumb songs stuck in my head. I don't get what kids see in this gay purple dinosaur. Anybody else hate Barney ? Why do kids love him ?


I do not hate him.


You have such a sad, pathetic little life. But one thing I'm sure you don't have? Kids. You're not old enough; if you are, you're not mature enough.


don't turn your back on him ............................


I'd rather not think about purple dinosaurs


If you're under 3 he is ok. After that he makes me want to tear my hair out!


I used to hate annoying! But my son used to watch and I eventually was able to tune out the annoyingness


I do hate that stupid purple dinosaur