Polls Survays 10 songs titles. What fo you think?

1. Bunghole Banging A B*itch With IBS. 2. I Masturbate To 14/88. 3. I Got A Sexual In Your Window. 4. Obama On The Monkey Bars. 5. Coat Hangers For Christmas. 6. You Look Down In A Dump. 7. Orange Mussolini Has A Tiny Beanie Wienee. 8. I Stranged Your Dad To Desth With My Adult Onesie. 9. I Faked Having Severe Down Syndrome So I Could Have Female Nurses Change My Diapers. 10. Pizza Pizza Chaos Pizza Pizza Chaos Coke Coke Coke. Don’t Give A ****. Don’t Care. Go Be An Asshole. Be A Nihilist Son Of A *****.


Here is a sample of my first song - “Banging A ***** With IBS” “Stuck It In Her, What A Mess “Lick It Off Now As I C*um” “Money Shot Smells Like Your Bum” “For the love of Satan” “Can You Let Me Be” “For The Hatred Of God” “Let Me Smell Her Feces”