Why do people say poor people in general have more kids, when in reality poor white people have less kids or no kids?

Atleast in today's society, obviously that wasn't always the case, but poor white people actuallu have less kids per capita than poor people of other races.


That is true people don't want to raise their children in poverty or with less opportunity.


They don't, probably. If they mean Africa and Asia, it doesn't matter to the USA very much.


its a 300 year old capitalist dogma Queen Victoria had nine children you are surprised I guess but she could afford them , there was little precautions in the old days and poor families had lots of kids and there had to be lots of poverty come with it, the stigma has stayed the poor are undeserving and shouldn't have children they cannot afford


it's probably the same number of kids on average regardless of where you live or what your nationality is or what religion you are. it's just that white people send their kids to hell by killing them inside mother's womb. how u know how many white kids are burning in hell after being aborted, miscarried, or killed by contraceptives? to rescue kids from hell, please, pray schema-nun antonia's prayer. this prayer was given to her by Theotokos Virgin Mary. hence, this prayer is legit. not only is it legit, it helps postpone the apocalypse. forgive me.