Can we have to repeat the course for refusing to redo an assignment?

I got a 40% but that wasn't good enough for my teacher. She said everyone who got less than 60% has to redo the assignment or get an I for the course. We don't feel like having to do it again so me and my friends want to know why we can't just keep the grade we earned and just have that averaged in to our grade. can she really give us an incomplete for 1 assignment. should we go to the principal? I have gotten less than a 60 in this class in other assignments but she accepted it I did the assignment, just didn't get a "good enough" grade on it


Yes, they CAN do that.


If it results in your failure of the course, sure. For example, some courses calculate homework grades, but ALSO require the completion of a final or a final project. If the assignment you didn't do is REQUIRED to pass the course... then not doing it is reason enough to fail the course... If the course is required for graduation, then you would have to repeat the course.


In the lower grades the teacher can refuse to administer the semester and quarterly test if you have not done the assignments which means not only what you have to repeat a course but you may find yourself suspended