Do High School principal allow to tell police to wait long as school want before make an arrest?

I saw police showed up at local high school. However school told police they can't arrest student until school is ready to allow it to be happening. When police show up, police ask them which classroom student is in. School told police to stay at lobby and wait. Police been waiting for couple of hours. What happenis school told police that school have security reason which why police cannot arrest student in middle of classroom or in hallway.  What school do is wait until all other students get into classroom first then principal come to get student to bring them to lobby.  The reason for arrest is because student commit a crimes on way to school in morning but police didn't find out until after school started.




The principal request they stay in the lobby and the police chose to honor that request. The police’s goal was to arrest this student with as little fuss and disturbance as possible. Upon arriving at the school the police would contact the principal to inform them of why they are there. The police were in charge of the arrest and had the cooperation of the principal and school.