I am a nursing student with severe Social anxiety . How do I control being nervous when doing demonstrations in class or in externship?

I have been in school two weeks


Maybe nursing is not good for you. As a nurse you need people skills. I’m a CNA, I work in a hospital, you will have lot of troubles in that area. Why don’t you try something else like lab or something with less person to person interaction?


Have you been diagnosed with social anxiety? Every student I meet thinks they have social anxiety because they don't like making presentations. No one likes making presentations, and everyone is nervous. Practice is the only thing that overcomes that nervousness. If you have a diagnosis, then it does seem that nursing is an odd choice. Nursing is all about dealing with people. If you really just mean that you get nervous when talking to a group, then there are strategies for helping with that that you can google. Deep breathing really helps. But you have to deal with it if you want to be a nurse.


i would just practice a lot before you did your presentation