I aspire to be a nurse, but I’m really bad at math?

I’ve been wanting to be a nurse since 8th grade, it’s my dream job. However, I’m extremely bad at math- I always have been and always will be. I just genuinely don’t understand it. Seriously, I just barley passed algebra and geometry my freshman and sophomore years, and I’m struggling this year too. I’m just concerned because of the types of math I’m gonna be dealing with in nursing school? Is there too much, do you think I’ll be able to pull it off? Thanks!

Diane A

You have to be able to pass basic algebra, fractions, ratios formulas etc to get into nursing school and do drug doses and drip calculations in nursing school. You could look on line for some examples and see how you think about them. If you are unsafe doing meds etc, then you will not get through nursing school.


Yes, you need to be able to do algebra in nursing school. I know someone who went through nursing school, and helped other students who were struggling with the algebra. Nurses have to do a lot more calculation than the other responders on here realize. The weight of the patient, for example, makes a big difference in dosing, and the doctors leave that to the nurses.


It is basic maths not algebra or trig and most people use calculators these days. If you have to draw up 5 mls in a syringe you can do that. For drugs the Doctors work out the dosage. You will be fine.


You basically just need to be able to do middle school math. Go back to the basics that’s what you will need. Make sure you understand proportions. Also you might want to look into “dimensional analysis” from chemistry. Big word for converting between different units. It’s easier than it sounds. You’ll be fine