I hate school and no one will listen to me.?

Hey I'm 17 and a junior and highschool. I'm currently in my second semester and I've had this feeling of hate towards school. I would much rather quit and get my bed and go straight into the air force. That's my dream job and I have full opportunity to drop out get a get and do what I want to do. Unfortunately my parents don't want to listen to me and tell me I'm going to fail. I'm not sure what I should do. I'm of legal age in my state to quit on my own but I'm afraid my parents would hate me afterwards. I only want to pursue my dream and I'm being limited on that.


well the first lesson for you is this the air force doesn't employ idiots. They chooses only those that have high marks from school now consider why you hate school too much discipline---dam soght more in the services think there is no schooling in the air force --think again as you get trained for jobs maybe you hate school because you just an uneducated idiot and don't want to learn--yoiu expect others to learn for you

Rick B

Dropping out of school with a year and a half left would be the dumbest thing you could do. Put it in perspective, suck it up, and finish school. Apply yourself and get good grades, go to proms and home comings, graduate and get your diploma, etc. The service will be there when you are done.


My brother is in the air force. They’re very strict and is not that easy to get in, you should check first what are the requirements, he said he haven’t met anyone with just a GED in there, you may end up in the army or coast guard. You’re almost there btw, is there a way you can do night school and summer school to get your credits faster? also you get credits with programs like working experience, you don’t have to stay the whole day in school but instead you can get out early from school and go straight to work.


With a GED you don't qualify to go straight into the military. You'll need a full semester or more of college credits. Unlike high school, you don't get that for free. You're just going to put yourself further from your goal by dropping out.


Go ask your Air Force recruiter how they feel about dropouts




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