Is it possible for me to transfer back to my old highschool in NYC?

I live in NY and I transfered to a different high school due to personal reasons. However, this new high school is not a good fit at all. Please don’t leave rude comments saying give this new school a chance... Being in this new school is really stressing me out and giving me anxiety/panic attacks. The fact that I might have to stay in this high school until 12 grade is scaring me... I promise I’m not being dramatic and I’m not stressed out because of the work, but because of the enviornment. I come home everyday and have a mental break down in my room. I know I can’t transfer back right now because it’s almost the end of 9th grade for me but the DOE make’s it so hard to transfer schools so I’m worried I won’t be able to transfer back at all for the 10th grade.


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